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Trekking into the Fjords, Norway

It is difficult to overstate the extraordinary beauty that is the Scandinavian Kingdom of Norway. Encompassing soaring mountains, grand glaciers and its distinguished fjord-slashed coastline, Norway has become a once in a life time destination. The most widely spoken language is Norwegian, a North Germanic tongue derived from Old Norse and broadly spread by the Vikings. The language is closely related to Danish and Swedish, although the majority of Norwegians speak very good English. Its capital, Oslo, is also the most populated city in Norway at almost 650,000 inhabitants and is the fastest growing major city in Europe.

Famed for its impossibly sheer-sided fjords, this striking country is rich in historic heritage with its mountainous core resembling natural fortresses. Norway was home to the Viking’s seafaring culture which is still very apparent in their seafood dominated cuisine; an unusual Norwegian delicacy is seagull eggs. Since the Vikings left home waters in the ninth century, Norway has drawn its strength from the sea. As the world’s fifth largest oil exporter, it is no surprise that Norway is an extremely wealthy country. In 2000, Norway opened the world’s longest road tunnel with a length of 15.3 miles in the hope to boost tourism. The tunnel itself has become a tourist attraction, featuring vast caverns that simulate sunrise to help refresh weary drivers.

Norway’s stunning landscapes provide a flawless backdrop for some of the most captivating wildlife such as Arctic Fox, Reindeer, Musk-Ox and further north, the Polar Bear. Not to mention the lively waters of Norway which are home to whale, seal and walrus. 

The Area

Our trip takes you through fjord land allowing you to see these incredible wonders up close - they really do take your breath away. These fjords were carved by a huge sheet of ice that covered Northern Europe over a number of ice ages creating these famous jagged steep-sides. Surrounded by towering mountains, you can truly appreciate the immense power of these forces of nature. Little has changed since Viking longboats set sail here ages ago, as you travel in the wake of fishing boats making your way down the narrow fjords. The glaciers are equally dramatic as are the cascading waterfalls. You can see ancient farms and villages along the sheltered fjords as well as visiting the intriguing city of Bergen.


The Walking

We have put together a 2 week holiday with two options to shorten to 1 week which combine great walking with the ‘must sees’ in the area of this beautiful country. We have chosen a wide variety of walks to suit all abilities and interests, some of which climb up the rugged terrain offering the most dramatic views across the fjords whilst, some give you the opportunity to explore interesting museums, lush vegetation and local wildlife. Translucent deep lakes and roaring waterfalls are easily spotted along these walks, you may also sample the local cider, fruit juices, smoked lamb and other produce. The views of striking landscapes are incomparable all around this fascinating kingdom. Our holidays will appeal to those who not only wish to gain some unforgettable memories of this unique country but also to explore it close up.

Luggage Transfer

You will take your luggage with you when you are transferring between hotels. Your bags will continue onto the hotel and be there when you arrive.

Walk Grading

Self-guided: A selection of easy, moderate and challenging walks.


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Accommodation Details Click to View Accommodation Details

Park Hotel - Standard Grade - 3 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=213&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Park+Hotel+%2D+Standard+Grade">Park Hotel - Standard Grade

Centrally located in Voss, this comfortable hotel offers a friendly service overlooking the stunning waterfront. All food served in their restaurant is locally sourced and well presented with excellent variety. All 122 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Strand Hotel - Standard Grade - 3 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=214&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Strand+Hotel+%2D+Standard+Grade">Strand Hotel - Standard Grade

This beautiful hotel has an open terrace overlooking the waterfront with views of the Hardangerfjord. Uniquely decorated with a communal lounge area, this hotel offers free Wi-Fi in public areas and is a great place to relax after a long days walk. All 50 rooms feature comfortable beds and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer on request.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Fretheim Hotel - Standard Grade - 4 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=216&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Fretheim+Hotel+%2D+Standard+Grade">Fretheim Hotel - Standard Grade

Originally a large farm, this historic Swiss chalet style hotel boasts both mountain and fjord views, as well being directly adjacent to the Nærøyfjord UNESCO World Heritage site. This hotel offers historic tours of the hotel every day at 6pm and the cosy restaurant serves delicious Norwegian cuisine based on organic ingredients. There are also several elegant lounges with a fireplace, library and a bookable hot tub. All 122 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone, safe, tea/coffee making facilities and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Midtnes Hotel - Standard Grade - 3 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=215&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Midtnes+Hotel+%2D+Standard+Grade">Midtnes Hotel - Standard Grade

Overlooking the Sognefjord, this hotel is very comfortable and has a lovely homely atmosphere. They have several cosy lounges, one with an open fireplace, and a sun-terrace with a wonderful panoramic view of the Sognefjord. The in-house restaurant serves Norwegian and international dishes. All 30 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, telephone and private bathroom with WC and shower/bath.


Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Hotel Augustin - Higher Grade - 3 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=217&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Hotel+Augustin+%2D+Higher+Grade">Hotel Augustin - Higher Grade

The historic Augustin is Bergen’s oldest family-run hotel, owned by the same family for four generations. It is within walking distance of the port and city centre and has a pleasant atmosphere with a fine blend of traditional style and modern design. The hotel restaurant boasts top quality ingredients from the ‘riches of the sea’, whilst their 400 year old wine bar has a very wide selection to choose from. All 130 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Fleischer's Hotel - Higher Grade - 4 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=218&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Fleischer%27s+Hotel+%2D+Higher+Grade">Fleischer's Hotel - Higher Grade

Conveniently located close to the train station, this historic hotel is set between stunning lakes and peaks, not too far from the beautiful landscapes surrounding Sognefjord. Dating back to 1864, they have hosted princes, princesses, kings, queens and emperors who came to experience the unique atmosphere of the area. Now run by the fifth generation of Fleischer’s, they offer delicious contemporary meals in a classical setting. All 110 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone, tea/coffee making facilities and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer. The hotel also has an indoor swimming pool, gym and sauna available to all guests.


Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Brakanes Hotel - Higher Grade - 4 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=219&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Brakanes+Hotel+%2D+Higher+Grade">Brakanes Hotel - Higher Grade

Located on the shores of Hardangerfjord, this hotel is surrounded by stunning orchards and the sparkling waters. Set within its own grounds on the water’s edge, this hotel has several lounges and bars, an indoor swimming pool, sauna and good restaurant which serve a wide variety of first class cuisine. All 142 spacious rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer. Many rooms also have balconies and fjord views.


Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Flåmsbrygga Hotel - Higher Grade - 3 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=220&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Fl%C3%A5msbrygga+Hotel+%2D+Higher+Grade">Flåmsbrygga Hotel - Higher Grade

Conveniently located close to the harbour and the train station, this charismatic hotel offers beautiful fjord views in every direction. The on-site pub and banquet hall is in a traditional Norwegian building where they brew their own beer and offer 5 tasters of beer to compliment your meals – we recommend you sample the ‘Viking plank’ of seafood (mussels and prawns), smoked reindeer with caramelised onion, pork shank with mashed potato, chocolate ganache with berries and almond biscuits.  All 41 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Kviknes Hotel - Higher Grade - 4 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=222&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Kviknes+Hotel+%2D+Higher+Grade">Kviknes Hotel - Higher Grade

This grand 18th century historic hotel is beautifully located beside the Sognefjord (great swimming area in the fjord) and has been with the Kvikne family since 1877; they have passed on its old-world charm and atmosphere through the generations. Graced with an extensive artwork and antique collection, this hotel really embraces its own special style. The elegant restaurant serves delicious locally sourced cuisine – they place great emphasis on memorable culinary experiences. All 190 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

Hotel Terminus - Standard Grade - 3 Star

walking-holidays-accommodation-details.asp?HolidayID=176&HotelID=221&HolidayName=Norway-Into+the+Fjords+%2D+2+weeks-&HotelName=Hotel+Terminus+%2D+Standard+Grade">Hotel Terminus - Standard Grade

Another historic hotel in Bergen, Terminus is extremely pleasant and renowned for its classic style and cosy atmosphere. It is very close to the train station and within walking distance of Bergens most popular attractions. All 131 rooms feature free Wi-Fi, television, telephone and private bathroom with WC, shower/bath and hairdryer.

Walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks - Click Here For Full DetailsVIEW MORE INFORMATION

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Day 1:
Arrive in Bergen. Take a train to your first hotel. Overnight Voss.

Days 2 & 3: Overnight Voss.

Days 4, 5 & 6: Take a bus from Voss to Ulvik. Overnight Ulvik.

Day 7, 8 & 9: Take a bus from Ulvik to Flåm. Overnight Flåm.

Days 10, 11 & 12: Take a ferry from Flåm to Balestrand. Overnight Balestrand.

Days 13 & 14: Take a ferry from Balestrand to Bergen. Overnight Bergen.

Day 15: Take a bus or train from your hotel to the airport for your return flight home.


Below is a short summary of the selection of walks available at each centre; you are free to choose which ones suit you. The days suggested to do these walks are for your guidance. It will depend on what time you choose to move to the next centre whilst you are there, some of them may overlap.

Voss Walks (days 2, 3 & 4):

V1: This is quite a short and easy walk to a nearby gorge. There you will find dramatic walk ways, with protective fencing, to view the gorge. Very little climbing is involved and it would be good for a spare couple of hours or if the weather is unsuitable for going higher.

Ascent: 25m. Descent: 25m. Distance: 4.5 miles. Time: 1.5 hours.

V2: A short walk leads to the Folk Museum at the top edge of the town, which is worth visiting. A steep climb up through forest to the top station takes you to the cable car, with great views over Voss to the area covered in walk V3. The Red Cross Hut is located by a mountain lake, a good place for a dip on a hot summer’s day.

Ascent: 760m. Descent: 760m. Distance: 7.5 miles. Time: 4.25 hours.

V3: This is a long and challenging walk rising to 1307m. However, the walk can be shortened by taking a taxi at the beginning and/or the end. Otherwise, you start as for walk V1 and pass through forest to some farms and pasture land rising steeply. The full walk continues to climb, passing through alpine and rocky tundra. Views from the high parts are extensive in all directions.

Ascent: 1250m (1010m if shortened). Descent: 1250m (1010m if shortened). Distance: 16.25 miles (13.75 miles if shortened). Time: 8.25 hours (6 hours if shortened).

Ulvik Walks (days 4, 5, 6 & 7):

U1: This pleasant walk rises into the hills, not recommended if you plan to do walk U2, as much of it duplicates. You wind up through farmland and forest, until you reach the furthest point, where you join the old post road from Granvin. There is a quite steep section on the way down to a bridge where horses with carts used to travel along until about 1900.

Ascent: 370m. Descent: 370m. Distance: 6.25 miles. Time: 2.25 hours.

U2: This very pleasant walk can be done when en-route to Ulvik from Voss, whilst your luggage is transported by bus to your hotel in Ulvik. The path is mostly an easy walk, although there are some steep, rocky sections on the way down. You pass through forest and farmland and skirt round a pretty lake. You will see some typical Norwegian holiday cottages, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Ascent: 500m. Descent: 580m. Distance: 9 miles. Time: 3.5 hours.

U3: This is a walk of three parts. Firstly, there is an easy walk taking you gently upwards past Viking burial mounds and into the famous fruit growing area where you can sample the local cider. The other walk goes to Solsævatnet Lake which is the tougher one. The highest point is a rocky hill providing views all around. Leaving it involves some minor scrambling, slippery when wet, but this can be avoided. The last walk is easier and rises gently across the mountainside.

With Solsaevatnet Lake - Ascent: 800m. Descent: 800m. Distance: 10 miles. Time: 5.25 hours.

Without Solsaevatnet Lake - Ascent: 370m. Descent: 370m. Distance: 5 miles. Time: 2.25 hours.

Flåm Walks (days 7, 8, 9 & 10):

F1: An easy walk along the side of the majestic Nærøyfjorden, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site following the old Royal Postal Route. The walking is unremarkable, but the setting in sensational. You are completely cut off from civilisation as the ferry drops you off, or so it seems, and then you come across farm buildings, some still in use. What a place to live!

Ascent: 50m. Descent: 50m. Distance: 7 miles. Time: 3.5 hours.

F2: A popular walk leads from Flåm up to an impressive waterfall nearby, from which you also get nice views down to the fjord. We have joined this route with another short local walk, to make a circuit which takes you over the hill immediately behind one of our hotels. Here a park has been created with paths, sculptures, plaques, viewpoints and lots of unusual seats.

Ascent: 250m. Descent: 250m. Distance: 4 miles. Time: 2 hours.

F3: A surprisingly varied route. After a bus or ferry ride to Aurland, you may wish to explore this pleasant village. After a while, the track becomes just a path – rocky, steep and slightly exposed in places. Views of the fjord are plentiful. In high season you can pay to visit the cluster of 17th century farm buildings at Otternes before descending to the shore of the fjord.

Ascent: 300m. Descent: 300m. Distance: 6 miles. Time: 2.5 hours.

F4: After enjoying a ride up the world-famous Flåmsbana railway, you can get to know Flåmsdalen (the Flåm valley) better by walking back down. The most impressive scenery is in the upper half, so you may choose to catch a train back down the lower section. A great alternative to a long walk along roads is to hire a bike at Myrdal station – and let gravity do the work!

Ascent: 50m. Descent: 900m. Distance: 13 miles. Time: 4.5 hours.

F5: This route rises very steeply up to a magnificent viewpoint, which is located along the fjord from Flåm. A steep climb up a small but distinct path, through woods with occasional viewpoints, takes you to the large cliffs directly behind the village. Above the cliffs, you ascend through thinning woodland with stunning views along the fjord. This route may not suit someone nervous of heights. There is a shorter and considerably easier alternative.

Ascent: 760m (220m if shortened). Descent: 760m (220m if shortened). Distance: 4 miles (1.5 miles if shortened). Time: 3.5 hours (1 hour if shortened).

F6: Rocky, steep, muddy and often quite exposed – but magnificent! This is quite a tough walk (although there is an option for part of the route which avoids the hardest section) but it takes you along a dramatic canyon, with massive cliff faces, high waterfalls and great views. Some would find this walk vertiginous.

Ascent: 400m. Descent: 1150m. Distance: 10 miles. Time: 5.25 hours.

Balestrand Walks (days 10, 11, 12 & 13):

Bal1: This mountain is very popular as it provides great walking and wonderful views. Our easier option traverses at a lower level to the nature trails area. The more challenging walk climbs up from the nature trails to a welcome bench at a view point. Climbing a little further you turn along the hillside through a more open area to today’s highpoint, where there is a summer farm and former milking hut.

Ascent: 270m (520m if lengthened). Descent: 270m (520m if lengthened). Distance: 4.75 miles (6.5 miles if lengthened). Time: 1.45 hours (3 hours if lengthened).

Bal2: Our route goes along the north shore of the headland from the nearby port of Dragsvik, before climbing up onto the hill behind. A winding path passes through varied forest with plenty of viewpoints. Below the main road you can explore an arboretum with specimen trees from 1870-90. There is a great swimming spot (purpose-made) to take a dip in the fjord.

Ascent: 250m. Descent: 240m. Distance: 3.75 miles. Time: 2.5 hours.

Bal3: This is a short walk with stupendous cliffs all around. It leads up the valley, level at first but then up steep terrain to a river crossing. From our suggested high point there are great views of the mountains all around and along the fjord. After completing the walk, you catch a bus back to Balestrand or if you prefer you can walk along the road, following the shore of the fjord.

Ascent: 170m (670m with extension). Descent: 170m (670m with extension). Distance: 1.75 miles (3.75 miles with extension). Time: 1 hour (3.45 hours with extension).

Bal4: This circuit above Balestrand is a great walk. You ascend through woods on a well-used path, with the views just getting better and better. On the way down you need to cross a stream and find your way across marshland in the valley bottom. The route then descends steeply through forest and finally you have an easier walk along the historic waterfront.

Ascent: 1000m. Descent: 1000m. Distance: 8.75 miles. Time: 4.5 hours.

Bergen Walks (days 13 & 14):

Berg1: This is a lovely walk in the woods with great views over Bergen and beyond. From the top of the funicular, our route walks up a steadily rising access road (with little or no traffic) until you turn off to make a circuit along a track and then on a path with lots of boardwalks and views. There is an option for a more challenging walk.

Ascent: 150m (250m with extension). Descent: 150m (250m with extension). Distance: 3 miles (5.25 miles with extension). Time: 1.25 hours (2.5 hours with extension).

Berg2: This is a very popular walk and remarkably wild given it is so close to the city centre. For much of the route you have panoramic views, west over Bergen to the North Sea. By taking the cable car to whisk you up to the top of Ulriken you avoid 500m of ascent and the walk after that is nearly all above the tree line.

Ascent: 450m. Descent: 700m. Distance: 9 miles. Time: 4.5 hours.

Berg3: This is a quite short but challenging walk. Mount Lyderhorn is the westernmost of the hills that are traversed by the annual ‘7-mountain’ hike / race around Bergen. Following the popular (and easier) route, we divert to the east of the lake to ascend the rocky Ørnafjellet on a minor path. There are superb views over Bergen.

Ascent: 430m. Descent: 430m. Distance: 5 miles. Time: 2.5 hours.

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The season for walking in Norway is between May and September however this is dependent on how much snowfall there has been as too much can make some of the walks difficult or even impossible. However, if there has been heavy snowfall, there will still be many lower level walks available as well as the spectacular sights and ferry/train journeys. The best time to go would be June-August when it is warmest and least likely to be affected by snow.

When to book your walking holiday in Norway - Into the Fjords - 2 weeks
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
N/A N/A N/A N/A OK Good Best Best Good OK N/A N/A

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Accommodation Details Click to Find Out How To Get There

You can fly into Bergen, a city on Norway’s south-western coast which welcomes flights from London Gatwick, London Heathrow and Aberdeen. From the airport you will catch a short bus to Bergen train station and then a train to Voss where you will stay for your first night. You can also fly into Oslo which welcomes more international flights from the US and Australia. From Oslo, you can get the train straight to Voss at a supplement.   

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Costs and Booking Details Pricing Details

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Norway Multi-Centred - 2 weeks


·         14 Nights accommodation in a standard room (12 night half board*, 2 nights B&B)

·         Bus from Bergen Airport to Bergen City

·         Rail ticket from Bergen to Voss

·         Ferry from Flåm to Balestrand

·          Ferry from Balestrand to Bergen 

·         Bus from Bergen City to Bergen Airport

·         Our unique walking booklet written by one of our team and local walking map

*Half board is dinner, bed & breakfast


  •  ‘With flights’ includes typical flight prices* between London and Bergen airport. Flights are also available from many local airports (exact price for your dates available on request).
* For important details of our flight price policy click here

Not Included:

·         Bus from Voss to Ulvik

·         Bus from Ulvik to Flåm

·         Transfers from stations and ferry ports to/from hotels as distances are so short

·         Baggage transfers as travel between the hotels is by public transport

·         Lunch and drinks with meals

All prices valid for 2018

Prices are per person in GBP / UK £ and are based on a shared twin/double standard room.


14 nights

12 nights half board*, 2 nights B&B

With Flights

14 nights

12 nights half board*, 2 nights B&B

Own International Flights

Extra Night

per person

Single room Supplement

per night

Higher Graded Hotels


May - Sept





Standard Graded Hotels


May - Sept





*Half board is dinner, bed & breakfast

Room Supplements (per person per night):

·         Superior room at Hotel Park, Voss - £14

·         Lake view room at Fleischers Hotel, Voss - £20

·         Fjord view room at Brakanes Hotel, Ulvik - £14

  • America Wing with twin beds or Historical room with double bed at Fretheim Hotel, Flam - £24
  • Junior Suite or Historical Tower Suite at Fretheim Hotel, Flam - £42

·         Fjord view room at Hotel Midtnes, Balestrand - £20

·         Fjord view room at Kviknes Hotel, Balestrand - £22

POA - Prices on application

Update: RA12


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