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Cyprus is an island country at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Although it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean it is the most populous, with around 1 million people living there. Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 and became a member of the Eurozone to 2008.

Cyprus has been occupied by many powers over the last 2000 years primarily because of its strategic postion. Over 2000 years ago Cyprus was settled by Mycenean Greeks before subsequently being settled by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Ptolomaic Egypt and the Roman Empire before becoming a part of the Byzantine empire for much of the next 1000 years. In 1191 Richard I captured the island as a supply base for the Crusades before selling the island to the Knights Templar. They in turn sold it to Guy of Lisignan, whose dynasty lasted on Cyprus for nearly 300 years. Following the death of their last king the island came under Venetian control before the Ottoman Empire took the island by force. In 1878 Cyprus was leased to Britain after the Russo-Turkish War although it remained an Ottoman territory. It was only after World War I that the Turkish republic relinquished any claim to Cyprus, where it then became a British crown colony. This remained the case until 1960 where Cyprus was granted it's independance.

Cyprus has great diversity from the high Troodos mountains going up to nearly 2000m all the way down to the coast. While the cities and large towns on the coast are widely known and used by tourists the towns and villages inland are significantly quieter and retain their rural charm. This offers quiet walking with beautiful views of the Troodos mountains, other hills many with villages atop them quite often a view all the way out to the coast. And everywhere you go you are helped by the friendly locals.

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