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Turkey is a far larger country than most people imagine with its borders extending from the Mediterranean Sea in the south, to the Black Sea in the north, and to Syria, Iran and Azerbaijan in the east. This creates a land of immense contrasts, not only geographically with snow capped mountain ranges, plateaus and coastal landscapes, but also in the culture of its inhabitants.  Modern blends with ancient as the young and trendy frequent the cities and modern coastal resorts, but where inland it’s a different story altogether as people live a rural lifestyle virtually unchanged for centuries.  Ninety five percent of the population are Muslim evident in the Meuzzin still called five times daily staring at first light and ending at sundown. Eastern culture blends with western, villages are linked by ancient mule paths, remains of ancient civilizations are scattered throughout the land and the people of this beautiful country offer a welcome to the visitor that is overwhelmingly kind and generous.  This is the side of Turkey – far removed from the all inclusive resorts along the coast, which will especially appeal to any walker keen to explore the very best Turkey has to offer her visitors.


Lycia is a small section of the southern region of Turkey backed by the high and dramatic Toros Mountains causing the region to remain mostly isolated and unchanged through the centuries.  Here, many ancient cultures have influenced the way Lycia is today.  Early Greek settlers left a predominant mark before the Persians came along eventually leaving a blend of cultures which remained unchanged until the Roman Empire brought wealth and prosperity.   With changes in the structure of the Roman Empire, Lycia became part of the Byzantine Christian World then passing into the Ottoman Empire and finally becoming the Turkish Republic.  All of these cultural changes have left Lycia rich in ancient architecture and rarely during any days’ walk, is the visitor unrewarded by the sight of some ancient monument or tomb lying abandoned against a backdrop of corn colored fields and the sapphire blue sea.

Lycian Way   

The Lycian Way is a relatively new  500 km long distance way marked path commencing just south of Fethiye and terminating in Antalya.  The route follows stunning coastal path, traverses cliff paths, crosses rivers and wanders through shady green forests, emerging at summer Yaylas (alpine meadows) before crossing high mountain trails.  It is a route of immense contrasts, sometimes with varying options, but mostly taking advantage of ancient routes linking one village to the next.  Some sections are remote with no modern day amenities to be seen during the course of a days’ walking.  Paths vary from wide forest tracks to narrow, rocky goat trails where vigilance is required to follow the markers.  In summary, walking the Lycian Way requires a reasonable level of fitness and stamina, an interest in ancient civilizations and a love of natural, unspoiled landscapes. 

We have selected two sections which both fit comfortably into week long treks and which offer, what we feel, is the very best walking of the whole route.


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