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The beautiful Balearic Islands set in mid Mediterranean, consist of four main islands. The largest and most renowned of all being Mallorca.  As well as Mallorca, Ibiza has gained much popularity as a tourist destination.  Menorca and Formentera still have a good influx of tourists during the summer season, but they remain far less busy. However, with all of the islands, tourism has confined itself to coastal enclaves leaving much of the interiors tranquil and untouched where farming continues, the pace of life is slow and the landscapes are adorned with whitewashed houses and graceful windmills. With diverse coastal scenery, many stretches remain remote and untouched; inaccessible even other than by boat. Palma is the capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands.


is definitely mountainous with two mountainous regions each extending to 70 km in length and peaks such as Puig Mayor rising to 1,445m.  The famous Tramuntana range has encouraged hikers and climbers for many years as it does so today. Mallorca’s northeast coast features two sweeping bays: the Badia de Pollença and the larger Badia d'Alcúdia. The northern coast is generally rugged and has many cliffs and gorges.  Isolated villas belonging to the rich and famous perch amongst the slopes and villages remain stylish and considerate to Mallorquin architecture. Shuttered stone houses are adorned in bright red geraniums and fountains tinkle in the village squares. The island’s interior features a fertile, central plain known as Es Pla and here, much delicious produce is grown to feed islanders and visitors alike.

Menorca is dominated by Monte Toro and this is the highest peak on the island at 342m! The coast mainly consists of rugged cliffs and white sand beaches set against dark blue bays. Menorca has a wooded interior interspersed with rolling hills and a patchwork of farmland.  Menorca also has the second deepest natural harbour after Pearl Harbour.

The climate of the Balearic Islands is Mediterranean, with higher precipitation in the Serra de Tramuntana on Mallorca. Even occasional snow falls occur on these peaks during winter months. Summers are hot in the plains and winters mild to cool, colder in the mountains.

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