Corvo is known by the Azoreans as the black island as it is filled with black stone walls that divide properties as well as the many barns which were built using basaltic rocks; it is also the smallest Azores Island. It has a main volcanic structure with a caldera at the top and approximately 20 secondary volcanic cones on its flanks – this is known as a volcano island. Corvo has several orchards with fruit trees especially on the eastern side of the island. Life in Corvo runs slowly and peacefully, guided by the rhythms of agriculture, fisheries and cattle breeding  to assure the survival of the community.

The Walking

Please see below for a brief description of our walk on Corvo.

This is an amazing trip to the small island of Corvo which requires a short boat trip. The boat trip starts with a superb trip along the coast as far as Ponta Delgada, enabling you to see otherwise inaccessible waterfalls, caves, bird colonies and towering sheer cliffs with incredible rock formations. You take a taxi ride up to the rim of the caldera, then enjoy an unforgettable walk around the lake filled crater and back down to the town.

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