Faial is an island of two dominant colours – green and blue. Both are found in the indigenous flora from the grass covered hills to the many shades of Hydrangeas bordering the fields and blending with the sea and sky. The picture is completed with the intense blackness of the volcanic ash of the barren ‘Capelinhos’ deposited only 40 years ago. 

The island is 21km long and 14km wide and dominated by a Caldeira at just over 1000m. One of the must stunning aspects of Faial is the view across the short channel to Pico and its dominant peak.

The Walking

Take a walk around the rim of the Caldeira and peer into the wild often misty centre some 300m below. 

Then descend to Horta across Hydrangea hedged fields and sometimes following Levadas (water channels). Walk through the ‘Capelinhos’ an extension to the island only formed 40 years ago and see how nature is recapturing this barren landscape.

For a contrast walk through the historic town of Horta for centuries a true crossroads for mariners (and later airmen in their flying boats) as they crossed the mighty Atlantic. Walk through delightful villages dotted around the warm green hillsides and pass the famous red picturesque windmills. 

Local transport is rare and of little benefit to a walker. Taxis to the start and finish of each walk can be arranged by our local representative.

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