São Jorge

Measuring 56km long but only 8km wide the sea is ever present around São Jorges jagged coastline. The highest point is just over 1000m and is part of a mountain chain running the length of the island. The white-washed villages of São Jorge are sprinkled across the unspoilt landscape along the water's edge or high up on the cliffs. You occasionally pass small dairies where cows’ milk is turned into the island’s famed cheeses. 

The island is famous for its ‘fajãs’ - flat meadows made from lava flows lying at the foot of seemingly unscaleable cliffs. We recommend a stay of at least 2 nights on São Jorge but there is sufficient walking for a full week.

The Walking

Walking here will take you along a row of volcanic peaks all on a striking green plateau and you will be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views across countless pastures neatly separated by hedges of hydrangeas and tree-heather down to idyllic fajãs and coastal villages.

There are a number of fajãs around the coastline and many of the paths link these natural phenomenon. Most of the fajãs can only be reached by paths created over the centuries along the shoreline or carved in zigzags out of the cliff side by farmers and villagers.

Walk through villages whose main income is making handicrafts or cheese discover the tower of an ancient church buried by recent volcanic eruptions. Local transport is rare and of little benefit to a walker. Taxis to the start and finish of each walk can be arranged by our local representative.

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