São Miguel

São Miguel is famous for its beautiful landscapes and exceptional volcanic lakes. The largest of the Azorean islands it measures 65km long by 16km wide and is known as Ilhe Verde - Green Island.

A stunning coastline of small bays with black sand and precipitous sea cliffs interspersed with small harbours adding further interest.

The island features three major calderas - volcanic craters - now with lakes sparkling at the bottom. Sete Citdades even has a village at the bottom of the crater and two lakes one blue and one green.

At Lagoa das Furnas boiling sulphurous water comes to the surface through hot springs near the lake and is a reminder of the volcanic origin of all of the islands. The mountains rise to over 1000m. As an example of São Miguel’s climate one finds the only tea and pineapple plantations in Europe, both well worth a visit on non walking days.

Rarely could a visitor fail to be impressed by the incredible myriad of all the different shades of greens exhibited by its extensive prairies forests tobacco fields and tea plantations as well as the abundance of hues this island has to offer.

The Walking

Three key walks take in the three largest volcanic lakes. They are all very different in colour setting and terrain despite their common origins and are scattered across the island.

Walk coastal paths linking fishing villages interspersed by high cliffs or wind your way across emerald fields passing through small villages with sea views ever present. Plenty of opportunity for a refreshing sea swim or a hot-pool bath.

A number of walks can be accessed by public transport others will require a taxi, our local representative will arrange these for you upon request.

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