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Switzerland is probably the best country in the world for walking holidays with spectacular scenery and a transport infrastructure which helps the walker reach new heights! Walking in Switzerland is a national sport and they have therefore developed a wonderful network of clearly marked paths that open up many remote areas offering breathtaking scenery. The people are always welcoming to visitors who are taking walking holidays in Switerland and happy to help you make the most from your visit to their country. It is also extremely good value for money as the high standard of hotels stunning walking and excellent food make it an attractive destination. New Experience Holidays offer holidays trekking in Switzerland and walking in Switzerland - see the listings below for details.

Mysterious moors rushing waterfalls cascading down the mountains jagged rock formations and lush Alpine meadows covered with flowers never fail to enchant the onlooker. Here you will find total relaxation leisure time to breathe deeply to marvel at the simple things in life which make Switzerland so wonderful.

In some parts of Switzerland people still live their lives in symbiosis with nature - a close interaction that continues to benefit both. For countless generations the farming population has lovingly tended and vitalized the charming Alpine landscape. Some of the farmers know everything about local mushrooms and are experts at their cultivation others seem to speak the language of marmots. It's truly fascinating to see how a mountain farmer leads his daily life.

We offer a choice of 12 walking centres and 5 hotel to hotel trek. Probably more that any other specialist walking holiday tour operator.

Enjoy more than one area - Multi centred

Clients often want to enjoy more than one area and find that travelling even a couple of hours on the train leads to a totally different walking experience. We are extremely happy to put these together for you. We will make all hotel reservations and provide the rail ticket between the centres free of charge if the total stay is over 11 nights. For holidays over 13 nights we upgrade all the rail travel to First Class free of charge. For example why not combine Zermatt with Davos having 7 nights in each resort in 4* hotels and journey between the two on the ‘Glacier Express’?

Getting there


Flights from the U.K serve Zurich Geneva and Basle Switzerland’s three major international airports. The first two have an integrated railway station on the main inter city system and Basle and Bern have a bus service connecting the airport directly with the main line railway station. The journey time is under 2 hours from London and a little longer from other UK airports. Details of current services are shown in the Price and Information Supplement.


Rail is a good alternative way to travel to Switzerland and it is possible to reach most of our main centres in one day from London. Alternatively and more leisurely why not stop en route and enjoy the many benefits of land travel? We can arrange a stop wherever you wish but particularly recommend Strasbourg as it is such a delightful place to visit with its canals and old town so convenient to the station and a hotel we have selected.


Drive yourself there for maximum flexibility. We can provide driving notes from your home town. Whilst it is possible to get to our main centres in one day we would certainly recommend a stop en route. We can provide a motorway toll sticker (Vignette) price £32.

Fly – Rail Luggage

Take advantage of the unique fly/rail baggage system which allows you to travel light between airport and your centre. When your cases arrive your hotelier will collect them for you. On your return deposit your luggage at the railway station (not available from all stations) and the next time you see it is at your UK airport carousel. £16** per back per direction.

Getting about

The Swiss transport system has a well earned reputation for being the best in the world. The trains are modern clean and run to schedule (late trains make the news in Switzerland!). We provide a personal timetable for all customers showing the relevant train times (including platforms) for transfers between airport/international rail gateway and the hotel for both arrivals and departures. We help to make the journey very much part of your holiday by providing helpful notes offering advice on changing trains and selecting the best seats to enjoy the stunning panoramic views. During your stay you will have the opportunity to experience travelling on the distinctive yellow post buses the lake steamers and many cable cars and funicular railways which will whisk you to high alpine meadows and mountain tops.

Swiss Transfer Card

This is included with all of our Swiss holidays if you purchase flights with us. Gives free transfers between airport/international rail gateway and the hotel. Any reasonable route is permitted. Useful for very short stays and on hotel to hotel treks where you plan to walk all the way. If you are not purchasing flights with us, we can still provide you with a Swiss Transfer Card for £130 per person (prices subject to change).

Swiss Half Fare Card

This is included on a couple of our Swiss holiday if you purchase flights with us. Gives 50% discount during your stay for all rail and post bus services plus discounts on most funicular railways, chair lifts, gondolas and cable cars. Useful for those arriving by car. If you are not purchasing flights with us, we can still provide you with a Swiss Half Fare Card for £105 per person (prices subject to change).

Family Card

Free travel on most transport for all children under 16 years traveling with their parents; provided free of charge with any of the travel cards listed above.

When to go

We offer Switzerland year round. Winter walking is available during the snowy months from December to April. Spring, from May to June, is when Alpine flowers are at their most prolific and the weather is warm in the valleys but fresh on the high walks where there is usually some snow still lying. Summer, from July to September, has the hottest weather but you can go higher to lower the temperature. Only at the very highest points will snow be still encountered. Autumn, from October, is excellent for end of year, lower level walking, at a time when the higher walks may already have their winter snows arriving.

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