5 Top Tips: Buying Your Walking Boots

  • Monday, March 11, 2019

Got your holiday booked but are in need of some walking boots?

Here are our 5 top tips for buying your walking boots:

1.Choose boots to suit the terrain and season of your walking holiday

2. Look for boots that have robust soles, rubber bands, toe caps, heel caps and good stitching, all these elements to the boot will ensure you have comfort and hard-wearing boots

3. Make sure you have a thumb’s width of a gap between the ends of your toes and the front of the boot. Boots that bang against your toes will be very uncomfortable, especially when walking downhill. The forefoot of the boot should be comfortably snug around your foot and your heel should not lift in the boot when you take a step

4. Make sure the boots you are buying have a secure lacing system. Lockable eyelets help to keep laces tied and in place

5.Wear walking specific socks for extra comfort. When trying on boots, take these socks with you to the shop