Walking the Danube Valley

  • Thursday, September 13, 2018

Working for New Experience Holidays I am fortunate enough to travel to new places and discover the hidden gems that are in our walking holidays and the last walk writing experience I had was a trip to Austria. 

Even though the trip didn’t get off to the best start due to a cancelled flight which was thankfully resolved quickly and then a downpour of rain on the first afternoon of walking, once my walking boots had dried out I was lucky enough to have spent the time exploring the Danube and get a feel for what our clients experience.

The walk follows the course of the Danube in the area known as the Wachau. This is where the Danube is alleged to be at its most beautiful with the sweeping curves framed by hillsides, I can confirm that this is correct. Each walk provided a perfect viewpoint of the Danube and the surrounding open countryside with the feel of the Austrian culture. 

Every walk featured a highlight, some that will stay with me. The feeling of accomplishment and the views of the Danube valley after a long ascend to the observation tower at 740m and my favourite highlight the walk to Aggstein, a ruined castle providing majestic views over the Danube.


As well as the walking side of my trip and updating the walk notes for future holidays, I was able to experience the accommodation and the explore the small historic towns. The hotels are mostly family run businesses, all of which were so friendly, welcoming and typically Austrian. Each hotel was located in charming, small towns and they were always the perfect size to explore before or after the days walking.

Once I had completed the walking I took the river cruise back to where it all began, along the Danube viewing all my conquests as I was gliding past. I then transferred to back to Vienna and added on a city break to my trip...because why not? I thought I'd may as well make the most of my trip in Austria! After days of walking it felt well deserved to unwind, take it easy and sightsee in a beautiful city, which Vienna certainly is. Full of imperial palaces, baroque streetscapes and the famous coffee house culture, it was a great way to end my Austrian trip and if you have time to add on a city break after your walking holiday I would highly recommend it! 

Once I had landed home after a thankfully straightforward flight, I wrote up my notes and experiences of my trip to conclude that there is something for everyone on the Blue Danube trek. Easy to moderate walking with everyday including wonderful viewing points with stunning vistas over the ever-changing River Danube and the surrounding open countryside. The outstanding regional food and drink specialities, the number of historic towns to explore, the recommended vists along the way and of course the river cruise along the Danube.

A trek of so many exploring opportunities and not one to be missed!