Meet the team

  • Monday, December 21, 2020

All of the team have been flexibly furloughed at different points, to different degrees, whilst we all remain healthy all of them have been keeping busy!  Here is a quick look at what they have each been up to:

PaulGrowing more vegetables than in previous years and harvesting the fruit this year on time so Debbie can make lots of pies, yummy! Keeping the garden more under control and experimenting with new varieties. Lastly improving my computer programming skills and training the team in general work skills, for future career growth.

Debbie -  More renovations and decorating the house and getting lots of local walks in too!

Anna Burn - Helped my partners agricultural contracting business more than ever, volunteer at the local hospital board and lots of very long walks with the spaniels (including a short holiday to Pembrokeshire with some rather spectacular walks)!

MattBeen doing a bit of volunteering for a local animal rescue. Generally with dogs that are frightened of people having been mistreated. I just sit around with them and let them come to me so that they can start trusting people again. I have also been Shopping and delivering food to elderly neighbours through lockdown.

Anna Brown - Enjoyed a summer of exploring with my 2.5 year old boy. All the extra time with him has been precious.

Lowri – Lots of extra miles into those bike pedals and raising money for charity by making lots of masks for friends and family

Rhi - I have been volunteering at my local foodbank and lots of walking, running and Jo Wicks PE lessons.  I have also moved house and got a new puppy!  

 Danielle Visited a few of the many castles in North Wales, done online pub quizzes which has led to discovering some interesting random facts and read lots of history books.